Super Puppy Program

Do you have a puppy but find it difficult to attend classes?

Don’t worry! Our Super Puppy Program will give your family the individual attention you’ve been looking for in your home or at the training center.

This is a four session program will start your puppy up for a life of success!

  • We discuss and trouble shoot house training  and crate training concerns.

We show you the skills needed to have your pup:

  • have a gentle mouth
  • look at you when you call their name
  • Sit,  lay down,  leave it, drop it, go to their bed, patiently wait at doorway
  • How to willingly go in their crate/kennel and wait patiently to be let out
  • be comfortable when handled
  • Foundation skills for leash walking and coming when called will be started
  • And more!

( For puppies age 8 weeks to 5 months )

Super Puppy Plus Program

This is a 6 lesson program includes all the above skills, polite leash walking in addition of two of the lessons working on successful outings

  • one on the rail trail / or neighborhood walking
  • one at a public store that allows dogs

These programs are for the family that wants to be actively involved in their dog’s training.

Contact Katrina Magee at 845 235 0078     ( Business hours 10 am – 6 pm )  No texting

Reliable Dog Program

You’ll finally be able to trust your dog even when he’s off leash and there are distractions around! Our Reliable Dog program teaches your dog to be dependable and obedient in any setting. This program is for the family that wants to be actively involved in every step of their dog’s training.

(For ages 6 months & up)

3 private lessons at our facility

3 private lessons at your home

8 commands: come, down, leave it, loose leash walking, place, off, sit, wait at doorways

Contact Francine Arnold at 518 821 2023 ( Business hours 10 am – 6 pm )  No texting