Agility is an incredibly fast-growing sport with countless rewards. Our classes will introduce you and your dog to agility equipment and teach you handling techniques. Best of all, you’ll improve your relationship with your dog and have tons of fun while you’re at it.

Private lessons available.  This is a great option to get you and your dog comfortable prior to entering a class.

Small classes ( 4 dogs  – one handler per dog unless a minor is handling the dog .   No guests as seating is limited ensuring each handler and dog have comfortable spacing ) This allows for individualized instruction and room for make-ups without over crowding.  Dogs entering classes must not be people or dog aggressive.

When Koda, a rambunctious lab/husky mix, was about 1 ½ years old, I was looking for an activity that would allow her to expend some of her energy and have fun. She spent most days at the dog park, but I was looking for something a bit more regimented.  So I reached out to Francine and Katrina at Ahead-of-the-Pack to enroll her in agility class. While it was meant to be just a fun outlet for her and it is, I quickly discovered that it became so much more. At first, Koda seemed distracted and hesitant to perform on some of the obstacles. In some classes, she would just do whatever obstacle interested her at the moment and she paid no attention to me. But then something changed; this distracted and hesitant dog was becoming focused, disciplined, and motivated. We became a team. We were learning the sport of agility together.  As I improved, so did she. Obstacles that she once feared, she was now doing with ease.  Under Francine and Katrina’s wonderful coaching, I learned techniques on how to properly train her to complete even the most complicated courses. An added bonus of this program is that she has become more obedient outside of class. She will come when I call her and will obey commands. I am so impressed with the progress that we, as a team, have made that I have recommended Ahead-of-the-Pack to many of my friends. A few of them have tried it and love it! -Janice

If you miss an Agility class a make-up is allowed by dropping into a different class that has an available opening within the current session.  Agility Class make-up sessions are a courtesy we offer our students, and are not guaranteed due to the potential for lack of available class openings.

6 week agility class $185-