Board N’ Train Programs:

Why do we offer Board N’ Train services?

               Because we get it.

Dog training is extremely timing consuming.  On average, if you were to train your dog yourself, you will need to put aside at least 1 hour per day just for training.  That doesn’t include the time needed to exercise your dog. This can be very difficult for people who work full time, get home late, need to make dinner, tend to the children or are just too tired and want to relax.

With a busy life, it can be too difficult for some owners.

What could take you months if not longer, we can obtain your goals in just a few weeks.  


Because we train every day.  We have precise timing and have the knowledge when and how to troubleshoot difficult behaviors.  Not all training works for the same dog. During your dogs stay, we really get to know what works for your dog.  We use our extensive knowledge and experience of training a large range of temperaments and breeds to get the results your looking for.

Training your dog is our full time job.   There is never a day your dog doesn’t get trained several times a day.  In addition to training obedience skills, we exercise your dog daily and work on enrichment such as Agility.  In addition, social dogs get free play time in between training sessions with matched playmates.

In our care, your dog gets trained by the best for the best results.

This investment is for the life of your pet.  Once completing the program, your dog will be trained.  You just have to follow the program guidelines.


Puppy Jump Start

This program is a 10 day board n’ train

(ideal for puppies 10- 16 weeks of age ) 

Getting your puppy started out on the right paw is crucial.  What they learn in the first four months sets the foundation for a lifetime.  We work on important life skills such as:

  • Sit ( Includes sitting and waiting to go outside, sitting politely for food dish etc. )
  • Lay down
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Go to your bed
  • Go in kennel/crate 
  • Foundation skills for coming when called with verbal and whistle are started
  • Foundation leash skills are started
  • House training schedule is put in place  ( pups should already be comfortable in a crate )  
  • Confidence building with frequent trips to our puppy enrichment gym

*Whistle and training leash are included

In addition we work on social skills with other puppies and people in a proper and safe environment.  Our puppy program focuses on giving pups the skills needed to grow into confident, social, well adjusted adult.

Program Bonuses

  • One Free follow up session at our training center so your dog can get a refresher of skills taught from us anytime  so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s new skills slipping over time.
  • Dogs that we have trained are always welcome to stay with us while you’re on vacation at a discounted rate.  Included in stay will be a Free brush up lesson.
  • Free Puppy Skills n’ Drills obedience class to maintain skills and learn new skills as y our puppy grows  ( this is 6 more weeks of me coaching you) 
  • Lifetime e-mail and phone support

Puppy Jump Start -Premier Program

This program is a 4 to 6 week board/ raise n’ train .

Program length will be discussed and determined based on your need or if the puppy is coming directly from the breeder. 

In addition to the above skills, we will:

  • crate train / play pen train the puppy for you 
  • get for puppy on a solid puppy schedule
  • get your puppy comfortable with different sounds 
  • take the puppy to necessary veterinary visits
  • travel train your puppy
  • work on lots of confidence building
  • introduce your puppy to many types of food puzzles, chews,Kongs etc

*Depending on the age/ size of the puppy , leash skills will more advanced.


Contact Katrina at  845 235 0078  ( Telephone hours 10 am – 6 pm )  No texting  . Call for availability and pricing.   Reservations limited!

Aurora calmly laying down at park with children running around and playing

Little Miss Haven working on her sit-stay on a Sunday afternoon in busy Home Depot. She got many complements on her newly learned skills.


Craig- 11 weeks old. Working on down in busy pet store




4 month of Stella holding a Down-Place command as Jax is weaving. This is a very complex skill. One of many she learned during her board n’ train stay.



11 Week old Dexter. Learning a important like skill. Impulse control ! He’s holding a sit waiting for the release word to eat. With practice, this little piglet was able to obtain this skill.


Tilly ! Taking a well deserved break from learning


11 weeks old and can hold a Down-Stay


5 month old Gracie working on distractions in busy store

This little cutie is working on holding a sit in the pet store

Milky- 10 week old French Bulldog was out for adventures to work on his newly learned leave it skill

Call  ( no texting ) Katrina at  845 235 0078  for availability and pricing.   Reservations limited!