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I should start off by saying that when I showed my brother videos of my dog after he spent time training with Katrina, he said “what is she? Some kind of wizard?“ And I have to say, she is exactly that! I first brought my lab, Phoenix, to Katrina’s school when he was 10 weeks old. He graduated from her six week Puppy Play’n’Learn program with all his basics. Katrina’s strategies are so easy to learn and incorporate into your daily routine. And so, Phoenix and I confidently enrolled in the second course, Puppy Drills’n’Skills….and it was then that my sweet little puppy turned into a rebellious teenager! He still knew all of the commands he had learned, but he was picking and choosing when he wanted to obey them. He was also getting bigger and stronger, and more difficult to manage on a leash. I was getting to my wit’s end – and it was at that point that I decided to enroll him in Katrina‘s Board and Train program. She told me that labs were smart but thickheaded, and he just needed a little one-on-one intensive instruction. I was nervous and sad to send him somewhere to board for ten days, but Katrina made the process so easy and comfortable. We spoke several times before the day she picked him up, and every day that he was with her. I received video and picture updates daily, and his progress was unbelievable! Now, I have a beautiful energetic lab who obeys commands and loves to go for walks. He is such a gentleman on a leash, and I get compliments on him everywhere we go! If you are on the fence about bringing your puppy to Ahead of the Pack to train, do not hesitate. You won’t be sorry. THANK YOU Katrina!!


“I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Francine’s training of our Doberman, Loki. From our first conversation to the day that Francine brought my boy home, she was completely professional, honest and supportive. I truly feel that we had an individualized training plan and the results are phenomenal. Loki is home and behaving like the dog I have always dreamed of! Francine does not only train your dog, but provides training to the owners so that everyone is happy and on the same page. Thank you is not enough!” – Megan

“Buddy came home from boot camp today and he’s a changed dog! Walking him anywhere but around the house was virtually impossible. He was extremely reactive when people, cars, or other dogs went by, so walking him in public wasn’t an option. He just spent two and a half weeks with Francine and he’s now the walkable dog I wanted. He is also able to play ball on the front lawn without his leash, which would never have been possible before his time in training. Francine was not only Buddy’s instructor, but she took the time to work with my family and me and we are now much more confident in our ability to handle Buddy.” – Laura

“I can’t even begin to tell you what an absolute pleasure it is to have Bella back home. This dog stole my heart when I met her but her behavior was OUT OF CONTROL, to the point I thought I was going to have to get rid of her if SOMETHING didn’t change and fast. In just one month she went from not knowing how to control herself to being the best behaved and lovable dog I could have hoped for. I can’t thank her trainer enough and Bella and I will enjoy many happy years together.” – Stacy

“It was just a year ago we brought Francine our big white Great Pyrenees / Newfoundland mix who outgrew our ability to keep her attention. By the time I called Francine, I was crying. I cannot thank Francine enough for bringing Poppy back to us. We LOVE her, she is the most adorable member of our pet family and it’s impossible to imagine life here without her! Our morning walks are my respite. That would not have happened without her work. It’s been a great year!” – Ilze

“Thank you, Katrina, for all your great training. You are truly AWESOME with Cooper and it just amazes me how quickly he responds to all you do. You definitely have found a great gift in communicating and training dogs. We are having a blast with Cooper and love having him as part of our family!” -Jeanine

“Thank you so much, Katrina, for all the time taken with me, Carol, and Gracie. It is so beneficial to get the attention individually. We’re making progress and your follow up notes keep us on track.”  -Paul & Carol

Brooklyn and I have had the most amazing, enjoyable walks with our neighborhood “pack” the last two days.  While the other dogs race off after bunnies, squirrels and deer and get their flexi-leads wrapped around each other, Brooklyn walks quietly at my side and almost never needs a reminder. Everyone is quite jealous.  She also goes into her outdoor pen without running off and making me come get her.  Such an added pleasure, not to mention stress-reducer when I’m in hurry to get going!  Thank you!  Thank you!  See you next Wednesday. – Nancy

Katrina had an immediate and effective way with dogs.  She provided us with so much information and instruction in a very natural and fluid manner.  The instruction was in our home and perfectly tailored to our needs and concerns.  We will be continuing classes with her in a group setting with our puppy and already have seen huge progress with just one lesson.

– Jessica

I have a 3 year old dog who was getting out of control.  She was at the point of biting people what came into the house.  I was going to get rid of her but as a last chance contacted Francine a Ahead of the Pack and she agreed to take my dog and train her. Long story short, Penelope is a permanent member of the family.  Housebroken, trained and behaved.  – Tony

The Rock Star Training program had utterly changed our lives. Back story: a year ago, we adopted a 3 yr old stray from Texas. Neutered late in life and accustomed to running wild on the streets, Chumley had no use for my “ rules.”  Despite having had dogs and trained before, I had no luck with this boy.  It was almost as if I didn’t exist for him.  Walking him on the leash was a nightmare because he tugged so much.  Letting him off-leash wasn’t an option because he’d take off and never come back.  Dog parks were out of the question because he was occasionally dog aggressive.  Being out and about with him was so stressful.  I found myself avoiding going out at all .  The only time I liked being around Chumley was when he was asleep.  At the year anniversary of his adoption, I finally admitted I wasn’t having any luck on my own and contacted Francine.  Three weeks later, I have my boy back and he is a complete and total peach.  I can walk him on or off leash without worry.  He’s the dog I always knew he could be.  I’m happier.  He’s happier. And the other dogs we meet are happier.  I cannot say enough good things about this program.  We’ll be registering our girl next.  – Raye

Ahead of the Pack Dog Training provided me with the knowledge, tools, and understanding that I needed to make my puppy a polite one.  My pup was just shy of a year when we began our first class.  Our first two classes had me sweating and wondering if she’d ever “ make the grade”. By our third class, things were dramatically different.  She was beginning to pick up on what I had learned and been practicing with her at home.  By the completion of our training program, multiple people commented ( in class) what a different dog she was.  Katrina and Francine are both extremely knowledgeable in the field.  They explained the reasoning behind the training we practiced and were very patient.  They were honest and extremely helpful.  I truly feel that my pup when from a struggling student to a almost with me continuing to do the work at home with her on the honor roll! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  – Jennifer

When Koda, a rambunctious lab/husky mix, was about 1 ½ years old, I was looking for an activity that would allow her to expend some of her energy and have fun. She spent most days at the dog park, but I was looking for something a bit more regimented.  So I reached out to Francine and Katrina at Ahead-of-the-Pack to enroll her in agility class. While it was meant to be just a fun outlet for her and it is, I quickly discovered that it became so much more. At first, Koda seemed distracted and hesitant to perform on some of the obstacles. In some classes, she would just do whatever obstacle interested her at the moment and she paid no attention to me. But then something changed; this distracted and hesitant dog was becoming focused, disciplined, and motivated. We became a team. We were learning the sport of agility together.  As I improved, so did she. Obstacles that she once feared, she was now doing with ease.  Under Francine and Katrina’s wonderful coaching, I learned techniques on how to properly train her to complete even the most complicated courses. An added bonus of this program is that she has become more obedient outside of class. She will come when I call her and will obey commands. I am so impressed with the progress that we, as a team, have made that I have recommended Ahead-of-the-Pack to many of my friends. A few of them have tried it and love it!  -Janice