Super Puppy Program

Do you have a puppy but find it difficult to attend classes?  Or maybe want 100 % attention on your pup and family.

Don’t worry! Our Super Puppy Program will give your family the individual attention you’ve been looking for in your home ( house call fee applies )  or at the training center.

This is a four session program will start your puppy up for a life of success!

  • We will troubleshoot house training  and crate training concerns.

We show you the skills needed to have your pup:

  • have a gentle mouth
  • look at you when you call their name
  • Sit,  lay down,  leave it, drop it, go to their bed, patiently wait at doorway
  • How to willingly go in their crate/kennel and wait patiently to be let out
  • be comfortable when handled
  • Foundation skills for leash walking and coming when called will be started
  • Training whistle included
  • And more!

( For puppies age 8 weeks to 5 months )

Super Puppy Plus Program

This is a 6 lesson program includes all the above skills plus polite leash walking. Two of the lessons will be out in the real world .  You will learn how to utilize your dogs new skills in real life scenarios.

  • one on the rail trail / or neighborhood walking
  • one at a public store that welcomes dogs
  • training whistle and leash walking equipment included.

These programs are for the family that wants to be actively involved in their dog’s training.

Contact Katrina Magee at 845 235 0078     ( Business hours 10 am – 6 pm )  No texting  

[email protected]